Grow sales and profit in GPO and government print markets

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How to make money

GPO and other government work can provide significant profit contribution if properly targeted and managed. While some GPO projects are awarded at levels that exceed commercial rates, sustained profit contribution is derived from GPO when it is viewed as a secondary market utilized to fill open production capacity.

We enhance your competitive market knowledge and show you how to optimizing profit from GPO work through application of intelligent contribution pricing. By knowing when to bid high and when to bid low you will optimize the balance of top and bottom line growth.

We improve your competitive market knowledge – Working with us you benefit from receiving the complete results from each job you bid. You will know which suppliers participated (the competition) and the price they bid (the market dynamics). When you win, you’ll know exactly how much profit was left on the table. When you don’t win, you’ll know how far off you were. Either way, you’ll be better positioned to respond to the next opportunity with a more competitive and profitable response.

We ensure your optimal cash flow - We manage preparation of your invoices and review your invoice paperwork prior to submission ensuring the most prompt collections. If you are not paid in 21 days, we show you how to receive a 5% bonus and still receive payment within 30 days.