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Proven profit building model

Government Print Management provides end-to-end sales assistance, knowledgeable services and requisite information that enable print companies to effectively participate, win and profit in GPO and other government print markets. Our industry leading business model complements our clients’ inherent capabilities, providing them maximum benefit through minimum effort. Our clients gain a significant competitive advantage through all points of the GPO sales cycle.

Government Print Management Professional Services Client Print Company Realized Benefits
GPO Registration, Quality Certification and Training We facilitate and handle all required details and red tape associated with GPO registration and quality certification. We deliver training that provides our clients with an understanding of GPO and the government marketplace. Clients avoid frustration with complex registration process. Clients attain their highest achievable quality certification level, ensuring they are eligible to participate in the maximum number of bids.
Identify Opportunities We obtain all available bid solicitations from GPO’s 16 nationwide offices. Adding other government opportunities, we review on average over 100 prospects daily. Our electronic system collects, categorizes and disseminates all available opportunities, amendments, results and histories.
Clients have ready-access to a centralized view of presorted, categorized opportunities from GPO and other government agencies.
Target Opportunities We send clients all available bid solicitations and identify those they are best suited to win based on each client’s specific needs and capabilities. We identify and aggressively pursue jobs that match client capabilities, especially during periods of open production capacity. Clients achieve improved sales targeting without having to review and sort through all opportunities. Clients are able to focus on most attractive opportunities and capitalize.
Develop Optimized Pricing We help clients be competitive without leaving significant money on the table. Our combined expertise and historical data enables us to facilitate price optimization. Guidance is based on market intelligence and analysis of information in our database - containing over 25 years of GPO jobs, associated awards and competitive activity. Clients enhance competitive market knowledge and are able to optimize profits from GPO work through application of contribution pricing. By knowing when to bid high and when to bid low, clients will achieve balance of top and bottom line growth.
Bid Submission Training and Assistance We provide training and assistance on the correct procedures for submitting GPO bid responses on time and in the proper format. Client gains knowledge and expertise needed to handle bid submission details with care and completeness.
Win Work We provide guidance on invoice preparation and to ensure prompt collections. If clients are not paid in 21 days, we show them how to receive a 5% bonus and still receive payment within 30 days. Clients experience optimal cash flow further enhancing fiscal benefit of GPO market.